Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mom and Jake

“Goodnight guys.” Jake’s father said to him and his mother as he passed from the kitchen into the living room where they were watching a movie, drunkenly stumbling towards the far bedroom of the trailer and slamming the door.
Jake slightly turned his head from the television toward his mother behind him where she was spread out on the couch with a comforter upon her trying to keep warm from the lack of heat and drafts coming through the windows. From the colorful lights blinking about room from the Christmas tree, he could see his mother’s head nod back and forth and her large brown eyes roll in disappointment.

At eighteen years old, Jake was quite mature for his age and knew the situation his father had put him and his mother in. His father had been terminated from his job last month and spent all his free time getting drunk. His mother worked a part-time job as a waitress at the local diner, but that was not enough income for a family of four which included his nine month old sister. He truly felt sorry for her. That was his mother and he could do nothing at his age to protect her and he mostly felt sorry because his father showed her no compassion at all.

Snoring eventually filled the hallway from the far room and his sister’s crying had subsided from sleep. Still laying his mother’s hands reached towards the coffee table in front of her and picked up her pack of cigarettes and lit one. She quietly whispered towards Jake, “Come lay with me, hunny.” “It’s cold in here! I don’t see how you can take it in just undies and a T-shirt.” He quietly put down the recliner and rose to his feet. He innocently walked toward his mother on the couch where she had the comforter invitingly lifted for his entrance. Her cigarette was still between her fingers and he could vaguely see her body. He looked at her legs but to his surprise he could see no clothing. He delicately climbed into his mother’s embrace and rested his body in between her legs and laid his head on her very large breast and she proceeded to wrap them back up with the comforter. He never looked at his mother in a sexual sense, but with her voluptuous body beneath him he became excited like he never had before. She put her cigarette to her mouth and took in a deep breath and rubbed her free hand down the full length of his back. He could feel his penis begin to enlarge uncontrollably and could feel his face blush from embarrassment because he knew it was a matter of time before his mother would feel it press against her groin.

She reached towards the coffee table and put her cigarette out in the ashtray and brushed her long brown curly hair from her eyes. The movie they were watching turned into a full blown sex scene which did not help Jake’s current situation. His mother wrapped her hands around his eyes and laughed. “I don’t believe a boy your age should be watching this!” She said with a chuckle. Jake smiled and laughed. “I’m kidding you Jake, I’m sure you’ve seen worse.” She said and released her hands for his viewing pleasure. Jake silently wished she would have left them because now his penis was growing by the second. They both lay on top of each other and watched a boyfriend and girlfriend go at it for what seemed like eternity. Jake had never watched anything like it before and the only movies his father or mother would ever let him watch was with making out and kissing scenes and even sometimes then he had to cover his eyes or go play.

“Do you like watching this?” His mother asked him with a smile. He precociously looked up at her, “Umm, ya kinda.” He could feel her hand go deeper on his back and slightly brush his underwear band. He felt her butt lift from the couch and into his virgin groin. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her nipples grow poking out of her pink t-shirt. On his bare skin he could feel that her shirt had worked its way up towards her breasts exposing her plump stomach and she was only wearing panties. Jake was confused. His mother’s eyes were locked on the television but he could feel her body squirming beneath him. She whispered, “Jake do you still hear your dad snoring?” “Ya, why?” Jake quietly responded. “Do you want to play a game with mommy”? “What kind of game is it?” He again questioned. “It’s like the game they are playing on the TV, it makes you feel good.” Without letting Jake respond she turned the movie off and sunk further into the couch. “You have to be quiet so your dad doesn’t wake up, okay?” Jake nodded his head with confusion, still unsure of his own mother’s intentions. His mother reached down and pulled his small white underwear down around his knees and proceeded to do the same with hers.

At four feet five inches, Jake was considerably shorter than his mother and very much smaller. Although, his mother was not obese, as far as he could remember she was a larger woman with a tall broad stature and very full breasts. “You cannot tell ANYONE about this Jake, you hear me?” She said in another whisper. “I won’t, mom.” However, he was still unsure exactly what was about to happen. She reached down between their intertwined legs and wrapped her soft hands around his small preadolescent penis. She rubbed it back and forth until it became rigid. Jake let out a soft whimper. “Does that feel good hunny?” “Yes.” He managed let out. At only three inches, there was not much there but his mother needed it bad and it was enough to satisfy her. She pushed her body against his pressing his now rigid penis against the opening of her cunt. She wrapped her hands around his small bare butt and pulled him into her burying his penis into her cunt. She let out a gasp. She wrapped her legs around his ankles pinning him into her while continuously thrusting. She moved her hands towards her shirt and lifted it above her breasts.

Jake stared at his mother’s huge breast for it was the first time he had ever seen a woman’s fully nude body in his life. His body was continuously thrusting back and forth penetrating his mother as deep as he could possibly go. It was the best feeling ever. He could feel juices and sweat covering his stomach and groin but he continued to pound. “Lay on your back.” She said being very quiet. He lay on his back facing the opposite direction on the couch as she had commanded. She continued to climb on him lifting her leg and found his penis. She guided it into her cunt once again. She bobbed up and down and in a twisting motion over and over again and her boobs flung up and down in front of his face. She could feel she was about to cum. It was inevitable. His small prick was barely penetrating but it was pushing all her right buttons and the feeling that fucking her own eighteen year old son was so bad, mysteriously really excited her.

She could feel him begin to shake and she knew what that meant, but she knew he didn’t for he was too young to have been exposed to sex or masturbation. She wanted to feel him cum in her and decided to let him go. She started bucking wildly and trying to muffle her moans in the head rest of the couch. She could feel him squirt in her and let out a moan of his own.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened at the far end of the hall. Jake turned his head towards the noise and could see his father stagger from the doorway to the bathroom. With his penis still inside his mother they lay there silently and hunkered down as low as they could possibly go. Within a few minutes his father again stumbled from the bathroom back to the bedroom and slammed the door. Jake’s mother rested her face on his hairless chest and begin to chuckle. “Whhhhowww!” She said.

100% fiction!

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